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    Large Afghan hounds don’t only eat meat. A healthy diet can make the Afghan hounds live longer. If you want to feed them with homemade food, you need to know the amount of nutrition required by the dog every day, and what nutrients are used to keep the Afghan hounds healthy.

    The content of fat is the main source of calories in the food of Afghan hounds. Pasta is an important source of carbohydrates, because they are tasteless, so we often add some flavor.

    Animal heart contains a lot of fat. When feeding the heart, it should be controlled to a certain extent. The content of heat is twice that of kidney or other internal organs.

    Liver, like other meat, has high phosphorus content and low calcium content. Liver is rich in vitamin A and B1, but can not be eaten for a long time. Fresh fruits and vegetables: uncooked vegetables and fruits, such as carrots, cabbage and apples, are good vitamin supplements. Both chickens and turkeys are easy to digest and contain less calories than other meats. The cooked rice is easy to digest. It’s best to mix it with chicken to feed a recovering Afghan hound.

    Fish: when feeding fish, you have to be very careful to remove the very small bones.

    Afghan hounds are not carnivores like cats. They can also survive if they eat a vegetarian diet, because they can convert plant protein and fat into the elements needed to maintain the body. It is not recommended to choose to let all dogs eat vegetarian food, which can not provide comprehensive nutrition.

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