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    The barking degree of Anatolian Shepherd is OK, because the barking of dog is natural after all, but if you think his barking will affect the residents and your normal rest, you may try the following methods.

    1. More exercise: enough exercise can drain the dog’s energy. After playing or running for a whole day, the dog would rather have a good sleep than waste energy on barking.

    2. Bite the bone: if there is something that can block the dog’s mouth, they will have no time to scream. The more difficult it is to bite, the more challenging it is. So next time you are going to go out, first throw the toy they love to bite, so that they can spend their boring time.

    3. Use your brain: if the dogs have something to do, they will have no time to bark. Before going out, first rub their favorite toys with their hands to keep their taste on top. When the owner can’t be seen, the lonely dog will spend more time looking for the owner’s taste on the toy and forget the barking.

    4. Make a sound: for the more nervous dogs, they will keep barking at the slightest sound. If you can’t get rid of the noise of the environment completely, you can make some noise as interference. For example, when the postman passes by, he turns on the noisy vacuum cleaner to confuse the dog’s hearing.

    5. Respond to it: sometimes the dog barks incessantly just to convey a certain message to the owner. If the owner responds appropriately and expresses appreciation, the dog will naturally shut up after understanding the task!

    6. Reward it: if the dog refuses to shut up, the owner should immediately rebuke it with a firm tone: “quiet!” When the dog no longer barks, the director may wish to give some snacks or praise as encouragement. The purpose of this is to let the dog know that obedience and quiet can get the owner’s favor and reward.

    7. Ignore it: some dogs, like humans, can’t make a long speech without the audience. If they keep talking, the owner may turn around and leave. Most dogs will shut their mouths. In order to enhance their learning effect, the professor suggested that the owner should take a small bell with him. When the dog barks incessantly, he should first shake the bell to make sure that they hear the bell and then leave the room. After several lessons, the next time the dog barks, as soon as he hears the bell, he knows he should shut up. Similarly, when they are no longer barking, the owner can give them some praise or reward.

    8. Quench their enthusiasm: spray water with a water gun can also stop dogs barking. When they keep barking, the owner should first admonish them verbally. If they still don’t listen to the warning, they can spray water with a water gun.

    Feeding system transition: stable living system can promote the growth and development of puppies and reduce the occurrence of diseases. The feed of puppies should be refined, fed regularly and quantitatively, with less feed and more meals, and each meal should be fed 7-10% to maintain the puppies’ strong appetite and digestive capacity.

    Excessive environment: after weaning, the puppies are still fed in the original circle, not transferred from the original circle, not mixed groups and nests, and the female dogs can be taken out. In this way, the puppies can adapt in a few days. Then according to the size, strength, breed and meat of the puppies, the puppies can adapt to the new living environment in 3-5 days.

    Feeders should place their food and drinking utensils in a fixed place and should not change their positions frequently. After the puppies enter the new enclosure, the place where they sleep for the first time is very important. The puppies think it’s the safest place and they will sleep in this place in the future. Therefore, on the first night of entering the new enclosure, the puppies should be locked or tied to a designated place to sleep. Generally, the puppies can be fixed at the place where they sleep after 3-5 days. If the puppies defecate everywhere, the management personnel can collect the faeces and stack them in the designated place. In this way, the pup will defecate at this fixed point after 3-5 days.

    You can also go to a pet store or buy a pet toilet online. If you want your dog to urinate, you can spray it on the spot. Don’t change the location frequently. It’s better to fix a place. As time goes by, he will naturally be used to urinating there.

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