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    If your Beagle is a very obedient dog, you should order him to sit well before feeding him pills or other solid drugs. Let the dog open his mouth, put the tablet as fast as possible in the deep of his mouth, then close his jaw gently, lift his head up, touch his neck to help the dog swallow the tablet. This process can take a few seconds.
    But the best way is to hide the pills (or mash them into powder) in the dog’s favorite food and feed them.
    If you’re giving the puppy liquid medicine, you can get the syringe from the veterinary clinic, or you can buy the syringe from the drugstore and use it to give the puppy liquid medicine. When injecting the liquid medicine, it should be injected into the dog’s mouth rather than into the throat, because it will easily get the liquid medicine into the windpipe. Then, hold the dog’s jaw with his hand until he swallows the potion.

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