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    In the process of raising dogs, regular bathing is essential to keep them clean. Mischievous dogs like to go to mud, so they must use dog shampoo to clean. When choosing shampoo for dogs, the owners often make two big mistakes. Following will introduce them to you.
    1. Open the lid and smell it, too fragrant bath liquid will have a great negative impact on the smell of pets. Over time, it will make their sense of smell dull and even cause respiratory diseases. In addition, due to the addition of artificial spices, some pets with more sensitive skin will have allergic phenomenon, causing skin diseases.
    2. The more bubbles, the better? Excessive foam is due to containing foaming agent, such bath liquid often decontamination ability is poor. Long time use will make the hair dull, for white hair varieties, it will also make the hair yellow!
    3. In addition, the particularly slippery bath solution after washing is also not good, because it contains lubricating ingredients, which greatly reduces the decontamination and oil removal ability of the bath solution, on the other hand, it is difficult to clean it. Therefore, when choosing the bath liquid, we should not choose the bath liquid which is fragrant and bubble but only depends on the surface feeling.
    Instead, we should choose the natural and delicate foam bath. In particular, parents who want to make their pets have beautiful hair or sensitive skin should be careful when choosing bath solution. They should choose natural bath solution with high quality, and it is better to use the separated bath solution. Although it’s a bit troublesome to bathe dogs, it can make their hair more beautiful.

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