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    As soon as the Dog arrives in winter, there are various ways for the owner to keep the dog warm, some of which can even be described as exaggeration. Because they are afraid that their dogs will suffer from cold diseases at this time, which will cause a series of diseases. But we must use the right way to keep the dog warm, otherwise it will only backfire. So let’s talk about the misunderstanding of dog’s warm keeping in winter, let’s pay attention to it.

    Mistake 1: all dogs wear clothes. Dogs are fur animals and have the ability to keep warm. Therefore, not all dogs need to wear clothes in winter. For example, adult dogs with thick fur and long hair do not need to wear clothes. If you wear too much, you will not get rid of the heat on your dog, so it is easy to catch cold. On the contrary, dogs with extremely fine fur and pups that are still young and just before and after weaning can be properly dressed for one or two years.

    Mistake 2: the dog’s Kennel with electric blanket is getting colder and colder. All kinds of cotton dog’s kennels at various prices in pet shops are selling well, and a special electric blanket matched in the kennel is also popular with many pet owners. But dogs have the ability to keep out the cold, and they can protect themselves indoors, not to mention living outdoors. Because the pet dog is now spoiled, the owner can prepare some cotton dog kennels for the dog in winter, especially for some young dogs, but the electric blanket is unnecessary, which will not only interfere with the dog’s normal self cold protection function, but also increase the potential safety hazards such as electric shock.

    Mistake 3: wearing shoes and hats for dogs. Cotton shoes, plastic shoes, leather shoes, and leatherette shoes. Many pet shops see different kinds of small shoes for dogs, not only with different texture, but also with different styles. Wearing shoes and hats for pet dogs is a kind of excessive decoration. If dogs wear shoes for a long time, especially the shoes made of artificial leather or plastic, they will also cause eczema. In addition, dogs don’t like wearing shoes. Most of them can’t walk, fall and bite off their shoes. If you have to put on your shoes for the sake of beauty or cleanliness, you must take them off immediately after you go home. A lot of times we don’t need to worry about the weather.

    Dogs have a certain ability to keep out the cold. If we do too much, it will affect the improvement of dogs’ immunity. Therefore, we don’t need to work hard to keep dogs warm.

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