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    The morphological characteristics of Weimaraner can be well reflected from its appearance. It has a strong physique, a well-balanced body proportion, and looks very compact and powerful without extra fat. Fast speed and good endurance are its advantages. It can catch prey very quickly and finish its work very quickly and well.

    Weimaraner are of standard height, generally 25-27 inches for males and 23-25 inches for females. It has tight skin, straight upper lip, the whole face looks sharp, and smart and flexible. It has long ears similar to the shape of leaves, with high position; the distance between two eyes is very wide, the eyes are gray or blue gray, and the bright eyes make people look smart. Nose is delicate, gray, lips are pink or flesh. The length of the body is moderate, the back line is straight and strong; the forelegs are strong and straight, and the muscles of the hind legs are developed; the toes are compact, dense and webbed, the foot pads are thick, the nails are short, and the wolf toes must be removed. Weimaraner have short coat, so they are afraid of cold. They are good in texture, smooth and glossy. Their color is usually pure gray or silver gray, which looks very noble.

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