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    The ideal shoulder height of American Staffordshire Terrier should be 45.7-48.3cm for males and 43.2-45.7cm for females. The ideal weight should be 18-23kg, both male and female in this range. The dog has strong shoulders, full muscles, flat width and slight slope.

    The head of American Staffordshire Terrier is medium size, deep, the skull is wide, the buccal muscles are full, and the edges and corners are clear; the position of the eyes is high. Ear – cut or not, often the latter. Uncut ears should be short, erect or half erect. Sagging is a defect. Eyes – deep and round, embedded in the middle of the skull, with large spacing. The eyelids are angular. Kiss – medium length, round, contracted below the eye. The jaw is clear, the lower collar is prominent, hard and strong. Lips closed, sometimes even tight. The upper teeth are close to the outer side of the lower teeth. Black nose.

    The neck is thick and slightly arched, gradually thinning from the shoulder to the back of the brain. The skin is not flabby. Moderate length.

    The back of American Staffordshire Terrier is slightly short. From the shoulder blade to the buttocks, slightly sloping at the base of the tail. Slightly arched at the waist.

    The trunk ribs are well stretched, with small spacing, and the back couple slightly retracted. The wide distance between forelegs is good for the development of chest. The chest is deep and wide.

    The tail is short relative to the body shape, low in position, tapering gradually to the tip, not curling or warping over the back. Never stop.

    Forelegs straight, strong, round bone, wrist upright. Do not bend forward. The thigh is well muscled and runs down the tarsal joint without abduction or adduction. The foot size is moderate, the bow degree is suitable, compact. The steps are elastic, without swinging or pacing.

    The coat of American Staffordshire Terrier is short, dense, hard and smooth. The coat is allowed to have any color, solid color, mottled color, or stripe, but full white, more than 80% white, and pig liver color are not encouraged.

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