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    The ideal shoulder height of Bernese Mountain Dog is 24.0-28.0 inches (61.0-71.0 cm), the shoulder height of female dog is 22.9-27.2 inches (58.0-69.0 cm), the ideal weight of Bernese mountain dog is 38.0-50.0kg, and the ideal weight of female dog is 36.0-48.0kg.

    Morphological features:
    Head: Intelligent, lively and elegant expression. The eyes are dark brown, slightly oval, with eyelids close to the eyeball. Ears medium size, high set, triangular. When you rest, your ears hang over your head. When the Bourne mountain dog is alert, the ears turn forward, the ears are raised, and the highest part of the ears is flush with the top of the head. The head is flat and wide with slight wrinkles and clear outline. The tone is strong and straight. The nose is black. Scissor bite.

    Body: Strong neck, muscular, medium length. Keep the topline level from the shoulders to the hips. Chest deep and wide, good expansion of ribs, chest deep to elbow. The back is wide and strong. The waist is strong. Hip width, a smooth arc to the root of the tail. The tail is hairy. The claws are round and compact, and the toes are arched.

    Limbs: Thighs are wide, strong and muscular. The angle of the posterior knee joint is appropriate, gradually and smoothly thinning down, and connecting with the hock joint. The hock joint should be as low as possible, and the wrist of the back foot should be straight. The feet are compact.

    Coat: The coat is thick, medium length, slightly shiny or neat. Showing a bright, natural glow. Bernese is a tricolor. The basic color is dark black. The stripe color is rich in rust and clear white.

    Bourne mountain dog is an excellent and popular breed. It is one of the 4 mountain dogs produced in Switzerland. In the early days, Bourne, Switzerland, was a product developed gradually by pulling goods, making cheese and pulling cars in weaving shops.

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