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    The ideal shoulder height of Adult Black Russian Terrier is 66.0-72.0cm for male and 64.0-70.0cm for female. The length of Black Russian Terrier is slightly longer than the height. The ideal ratio is 9.5-10. The length is measured from the sternum to the edge of the posterior pelvis.

    The head is in proportion to the body. It should look strong. The head should have a strong structure with a moderate width and a strong head. It’s well proportioned from the side. The head consists of two planes. The back of the head to the muzzle separated from the corner of the eye. The posterior head is well developed. The forehead is flat and has a distinct but unclear stop. The male’s head is obviously masculine, while the female’s is softer.

    Ears are high, rather small, triangular. The front edge should be close to the cheek. The length of the ear should reach the outer corner of the eye. The lower position of the ear on the head is a defect. It can’t be ear cutting.

    Eyes of moderate size, dark. The eye frame is black, without sagging or blinking. The eyes are oval. Light colored eyes are serious defects. The nose is big and black. The nose is not black. The forelegs are straight and muscular, and the thighs of the hind legs are muscular with sufficient bone mass. The feet are large, compact and round. Pads are thick and hard. The nails are short and black. The hind claws should be removed. The tail is high, thick and broken, leaving 3 to 5 bones. No points will be deducted for continuous ending.

    Messy double coat. Outer coat coarsely hairy. The undercoat is thick and soft. The length of the coat ranges from 1.5 to 4 inches, covering the entire body. The coat is messy, but not filiform or curly. Grooming: dress up this breed in performance with a clear shape; the dog can be groomed, but it can’t show a special shape; the hair inside and outside the ears should be sorted out, and the ears should lie flat on the head. The color of Black Russian Terrier can only be black or black with little grey. Any other color is disqualified.

    The movement of Black Russian Terrier is free, with smooth, relaxed and light movements. The movement should be balanced and smooth. When the Black Russian Terrier moves faster, the feet converge on a central line. The topline should be horizontal.

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