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    The ideal weight of Border Terrier is 5.90-7.03kg for male, 5.22-6.35kg for female and 25cm for height. The size of Border Terrier’s skeleton is moderate, its body structure is compact, its endurance and sensitivity are good, but its body is quite narrow.

    Morphological characteristics:
    Color or stripes: Red, gray and tan, blue and tan, grayish yellow. There can be a small amount of white on the chest but not on the feet. The kiss is dark black.

    Head: Looks like an otter, with dark brown eyes filled with enthusiasm and wisdom. The size of the head is moderate. Small ears, V-shaped, medium thickness, dark is preferred. The ears do not stand upright, but hang on both sides of the head or stick to the cheeks, and the upper end is not higher than the top of the skull. The head is slightly flat, and the distance between eyes and ears is slightly wide. The top of the head turns in a gentle arc rather than a significant turn. The cheeks are slightly bulging. Short mouth. The dark mouth is typical and ideal, with a small number of short beards under normal conditions. Black nose, beautiful appearance. The teeth are strong and scissor like.

    Neck: The neck is clean, muscular, and the length just matches the shape. Gradually widened from head to shoulders.

    Forerunner: The shoulder length is moderate, the width of the shoulder blade is appropriate, and gradually converges from the chest to the shoulder blade. The forelegs are upright but not clumsy, and the standing time is slightly wider than the distance between the two forelegs of the fox stem. Feet are small and strong.

    Rear drive: Muscular, suitable for running, long and strong thighs. The knee is slightly bent and the tarsal joint is smooth. Feet are the same as forelegs.

    Temperament: Gentle, emotional, obedient to orders, easy to train, playful and aggressive.

    Gait: When walking forward and backward, it is straight and rhythmic with moderate step length. When walking, the knee joint and tarsal joint buckle. Walking shows a free, flexible and rapid gait.

    Disqualification: Serious physical abnormality is listed as disqualification.

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