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    The ideal Boston Terrier should be 25-40cm in height and 5-11kg in weight. In 1800, the Boston Terrier was bred around Boston in the United States. At that time, because of its large size of 23kg, it was known as the Boston Terrier bulldog, with a strong color of the door dog.

    Morphological characteristics:
    Body type: The weight of Boston Terrier is divided according to the following levels: less than 15 pounds; 15 to 20 pounds; more than 20 pounds, but not more than 25 pounds. The length of the legs is proportional to the length of the body, giving the Boston Terrier a distinct square appearance.

    Head: The head is square, the head is flat, without wrinkles, the cheeks are flat, the eyebrows are stiff and the stop is clear. The Boston dog’s ideal expression is alert and kind, showing a very high IQ. This is one of the important characteristics of the variety. The distance between eyes is wide, round and dark. The eyes are at right angles to the head, viewed from the front, with the outer eye corner on the cheek line. Blue eyes or eyes with blue marks. Boston dogs have small ears, born or trimmed to fit the shape of the head, positioned as close to the corner of the head as possible.

    Shape: Boston dogs have low tail root, short tail, thin and straight tail end, such as tail up. Boston Terrier is slightly short and compact, with strong limbs, elegant gait, short tail and moderate body proportion. It gives the impression that it is decisive, powerful and active, born noble, and its posture is calm and elegant.

    Boston Terrier is a strong dog and must not appear long, thin or rough. The proportion of bones and muscles to body weight and structure must be appropriate. Defect: appear short and stout or short and fat. Gender impact. The obvious difference between the two genders is that the female structure is slightly more refined.

    Coat: Black Striped short hair, yellow brown and white short hair. Head: square, flat top, no wrinkles, flat cheeks, hard eyebrows and clear stop. Hair quality and color: the hair is sharp and smooth. The white spot color of tiger hair is the best. The black spot and white spot are also OK. The spot is generally on the face, forehead, muzzle, neck, chest and lower parts of limbs.

    The typical pet of Boston dog is an excellent pet dog and companion dog. It can also be used as a caretaker in the house. Because the dog is playful and lively, he likes to walk with others, especially children. As a companion dog, it is very popular in the United States.

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