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    The ideal weight of adult Mastiff should be in the range of 41-59kg, and the ideal shoulder height of adult Bull Mastiff should be in the range of 64-69cm. Take this data as the measurement standard, and those not in this range are regarded as defects. There are three kinds of color: red, yellow brown and decor.

    The body length of the bull mastiff is slightly longer than the height, which gives a square feeling as a whole. The muzzle is black, and the ears are dark. Recently, there are many yellow brown fur colors. Its strength, speed and perseverance enable it to catch up and catch the invaders without biting or killing them. The Bull mastiff is beautiful, strong and powerful, distributed in all continents of the world, but its distribution is not as good as that of the German compatriot Rottweiler. The reason is that the bull mastiff is stubborn, disobeys orders and protects its owner excessively. The Bull Mastiff has black eyes of medium size, separated by obvious wrinkles. Between the nose and the eyes is a strong cheek. The small V-shaped high ears make the face square. The strong and thick neck is integrated with the chest. The distance between the broad and strong front legs is large. The broad and deep chest has short, hard and flat coat, large and compact. The feet like the cat have round toes, and the tail root is thick.

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