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    The ideal Cesky Terrier should have a shoulder height of 9.8-14.2 inches (25-36cm) and an ideal adult weight of 12.1-17.6 pounds (5.5-8kg). Those not included in this scope are defects.

    Head features: Long head, a little big. The cranial crest is obviously arched, the space between the two ears is not wide, and the space between the two eyebrows is moderately narrow. There are slight wrinkles on the forehead. The cheek does not protrude. Straight nose, strong jaw, good lip joint. Teeth scissor or horizontal occlusion. The eyes are medium-sized, with deep sockets and mild eyes. The eyes with blue gray coat are brown or darker to black brown; the eyes with brown coat are amber or darker. The nose is big and well developed. The nose of blue black dog is black, and the nose of coffee brown is black brown. The ears are medium-sized, with a high ear root, triangular fold forward, and close to the buccal overhang.

    Physical characteristics:
    Neck and body: neck is medium length, strong, clean and without drooping flesh. The shoulders are well muscled. The topline is straight, but slightly arched at the waist. The waist is full of muscles, long and wide. Round chest. The abdomen is moderately raised.

    Fur: with silky and shiny coat. The eyes are often covered with long eyebrows and the hair in the throat is curly. Generally, the hair from the back of the brain to the back, side ribs and tail is cut short, and the hair of the chest, abdomen, legs and face is reserved.

    Color: Blue grey and light coffee. Blue grey puppy black, light brown puppy chocolate. The basic color of all dogs of this breed must be one of the two dominant colors mentioned above. Above the two dominant colors, yellow, gray and white stripes are allowed, which appear on the head, cheek, underside of kiss, neck, chest, abdomen, lower leg and tail. Occasionally white-collar workers appear.

    Gait: The main way to judge the action of the Hound is to watch the trot. Correct gait is the most basic.

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