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    The ideal shoulder height of the male dog should be 58.4-66.0cm, and the ideal shoulder height of the female dog should be 53.3-61.0cm. The ideal weight of male dog should be 29.5-36.5kg, and the ideal weight of female dog should be 25-32kg. Dogs not in this range are all defective and cannot participate in the competition.

    The Chesapeake Bay Retriever has an intelligent expression. Eyes – medium size, very clear, yellow or light yellow, wide view. Ears – smaller, fit over the head, flabby and pendulous. Skull – wide and round, medium size, slightly flattened. Nose – medium length. Snout – approximately equal in length to the skull, tapering, sharpening, but not sharpening. Lips – thin, but not drooping. Bite – the upper and lower teeth are perfectly scissored, but it is also acceptable for a flat bite table. Incomplete occlusion is not up to standard.

    Eyes slightly larger, very clear, yellowish or amber, wide distance. Ears are small, located in the right position of the head, sagging loosely and of medium thickness. Lips are thin but not drooping.

    The coat color of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is as similar as possible to the environment in which it lives. All brown, grass or dead grass colors are acceptable, and self-protection colors are popular. A color is not always popular. White spots on the chest, abdomen, toes or instep are allowed, and the smaller the spots, the better. Pure color dogs are popular. Experts have determined that the color and texture of the dog’s coat at rest or on the show floor will be taken into account. The glorious scar will not be adversely affected in the exhibition game.

    Substandard color: black color, except for the chest, feet, toes or instep, the white color on any part of the body is substandard.

    The gait is stable and free, giving the impression of energy and strength. When we observe from the side, we have a proper body shape, unlimited forequarters movement, sufficient driving force at the rear, and flexible knee and tarsal joints. When viewed from the front, there should be no outward sign of elbows. There should be no sign of cow like tarsal joint observed from the rear. As the speed of running increases, the four feet should tend to a middle line.

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