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    German Shepherd is a kind of large dog. The first feeling it gives is serious, bold, ferocious, confident and obviously cold, which makes people dare not to approach. In fact, German shepherd dog is not so terrible, because it can be used as companion dog, watchdog, guide dog, shepherd or guard dog because of its outstanding ability. No matter what kind of work, he is competent.

    The ideal shoulder height is about 24-26 inches for males and 22-24 inches for females. This range is ideal for a variety of races and training, but shoulder heights up to 30 inches are also rare. The body length of German Shepherd is slightly larger than the height, and the ideal ratio is 10 / 8.5. The height of male is about 60-65cm, the weight is about 33-38kg, the height of female is about 55-60cm, the weight is about 26-31kg.

    The head of German Shepherd is simple and strong. The eyes are medium-sized, almond shaped and slightly tilted. Ears are drooping when they are young, and they usually start to stand up at about four to six months. If the ears are set up too early, it may be a sign of a larger body size in the future. The shape of the ears is slightly pointed and in proportion to the head. If the ears are still drooping or arrow ears appear in adulthood, it may be caused by human beings (such as being frequently touched when they are young) or malnutrition when they are young. In this case, the dog will never show up, but its performance will not be affected.

    The forehead is generally arched, the muzzle is long and strong, the contour line is parallel to the contour line of the head, and the nose is usually black. The curve of lips is strong and beautiful, and the jaw is firm. 42 teeth, 20 upper teeth and 22 lower teeth. Like other dogs, they will change their teeth once in childhood. It is often seen that the “De Mu” Puppies spit out their deciduous teeth.

    The neck is muscular and has a distinct contour. Usually extend forward to support the head above the shoulders. When you are happy, you will rise high. West German shepherd’s back is tilted back, very stable. The back of “Dongde German Shepherd” is flat. The chest is full and broad. Make its heart and lungs have enough space. The chest is slightly forward and protruding, which makes people feel strong.

    The waist is strong and the hips are long and sloping. Long tail, thick hair, low position. Generally, the hair is short and straight, thick, thick and hard, flat to the body. The ears and forehead are covered with shorter hair, and the hair of the front and rear legs is slightly longer.

    The common color is black for the head, face, back and tail, and yellow or brown for the lower part. There are a lot of other colors, but also a uniform color. If there is too weird color, such as white, or the hair is too long, or hairless, it is a natural defect. But generally, it does not affect its performance. The common color abnormality is white claw, which means one or more claws are white. Although the dog show and various competitions are not expected, it does not affect the working performance. Therefore, in the police dog or military dog, we often see the similar natural defects of “German Shepherd”.

    The pace belongs to the trot type, the gait is flexible, very relaxed, smooth and rhythmic, the stride is very large and the frequency is very low. During the trot, the length and angle of the limbs (the angle between the fingertip scapula and the upper arm, the front middle foot and the lower arm, the thigh and the calf, the back middle foot and the small foot) shall be coordinated, the head shall be slightly extended forward, and the tail shall be slightly raised to maintain the balance of the body, so as to form an uninterrupted beautiful curve from the tip to the neck, back and the tail tip.

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