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    Golden Retriever ranks fourth in the dog’s intelligence quotient. Because golden retriever has a pair of gentle eyes, a smiling face, an angel like perfect character, and a golden coat covered with the glory of heaven, it is currently mostly used as a family dog and guide dog. The American Kennel Club (AKC) standard stipulates that its fur is “rich, lustrous and made of different levels of gold (rich, lustrous golden of variety shades)”, and it is not allowed to have too light or too deep color.

    It can be divided into light cream (lack of pigment) and dark coffee. The main hair changing period of golden retriever is twice a year, but due to its large volume and more hair than that of small dogs, it is often mistakenly thought that it can shed hair very well. No matter large dogs or small dogs, they will shed hair. Usually, shedding hair is only a daily metabolism, which can be reduced if they are often combed.

    Golden Retriever is a kind of dog called, powerful and lively, and its scientific name is golden retriever The retriever is stable, with reasonable coordination of all parts of the body. Its legs are neither too long nor clumsy. It has friendly expression, warm personality, alertness and self-confidence. Because it is a kind of hound, it can show its essential characteristics in the difficult working environment. His overall appearance, balance, gait and use of the breed deserve more attention than any single part of the body.

    Defect: Any deviation from the ideal description of the dog species can be regarded as defect, and the severity of the defect depends on the degree that it contradicts the use of the dog species or the characteristics of the dog species.

    Disqualification condition: 1. Height is less than or higher than 2.5m of standard height. 2. The teeth are in the form of upper palatal protrusion or lower palatal protrusion. 3. There are a lot of white hairs or spots on the chest.

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