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    The appearance of Greyhound is general, but its posture is very elegant, especially when it runs, there is a unique aesthetic feeling. This kind of dog likes to chase all sports, whether it’s fields or deserts. Vigorous form and strong physique are fully reflected in running.

    Greyhound has a long head, medium width, flat forehead, backward ears, folded backward, small and thin, dark but shiny eyes, oval shape, and lively expression. The body is broad, the back is strong, the chest is thick, the chest is broad, the abdomen is curved like an arch, strong and powerful. The limbs are long and powerful, and the thighs are muscular and strong. The tail is long and thin, the tail end is thin, slightly curved, and the tail root is low.

    The coat is fine and dense, with black, white, red, mustard, mottled, yellowish brown, blue and white. The general feeling of greyhound gives a sense of being tall and light.

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