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    The ideal height of an adult Havanese should be 9-10 inches, and the ideal weight should be 8-11 pounds. Although the size of the Havanese is small, it is very strong, and it will not appear too much or fragile. The most special thing about Havanese is his short legs. Walk briskly.

    A neck of medium length, neither too long nor too short. The back line is straight and slightly lifted up against the hips. The flank is properly raised. Round ribs. The root of the tail is high, curled at the back, with long, soft silky hairs. When standing upright, the tail is allowed to droop.

    The front leg bones are strong and straight, and the height from elbow to shoulder is equal to the height from foot to elbow. The wolf’s claws may have been removed. The feet are compact, moderately domed and moderately compact. Any internal or external rotation of the paw is a defect.

    The hind legs are shorter, the bones and muscles are strong, and the angle is moderate; from the back, the hindquarters are straight. The wolf’s claws may have been removed. Feet are the same as forelegs. The disadvantages are the same as the forelegs.

    Havanese is a two coat breed with the same soft undercoat and coat. The hair is long, thick and natural. The type of coat can be from straight to curly. Wavy coat is ideal. Curls are allowed to tie up. The coat length of adult dog is about 6-8 inches. Too long and too thick coat is not ideal. Of course, with the exception of puppies, short coat is a defect. It’s OK to braid the hair on the head above the eyes separately, but it can’t separate the hair on the back from the middle and comb to both sides. The hair on the head is not allowed to be trimmed, nor any form of trimming or trimming is allowed. Except for the sole hair, it can be trimmed to avoid becoming “boat foot” or “slipper foot”. In addition to trimming the sole of the foot, trimming the coat in other places is disqualified.

    All colors, from pure white to cream, champagne, gold, black, blue, silver, chocolate or any combination of the above (two or three color combination). Monochrome is no better than other colors.

    A “brisk” step with a distinctive gait that emphasizes Harvey’s happy temperament. The forelegs are straight and the shoulders are not constrained. The driving force of the hindquarters is strong, which makes its movement in a straight line. The tail rolled on the back when walking. Riding posture, rowing posture, moving the middle and back too close, the tail did not roll on the back, all belong to defects.

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