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    The Irish Wolfhound is a large and powerful running hound. Its remarkable feature is that it combines strength and agility, and has bright eyes. The ideal height and weight of an adult Irish Wolfhound should be no less than 81.28cm and no less than 54.43kg for a male dog and no less than 76.2cm for a female dog, 47.63kg: a certain proportion of body length and height. If the above criteria are not met, the contestant will not be eligible.

    Morphological characteristics :
    Head is long, the front bone of forehead is very slight protuberance, there is a very small depression between two eyes, not very wide. The tone is long and slightly sharp. The ears are small and the posture is like a greyhound. Minister of mouth and nose, medium thickness. When young, it is similar to Lingti.

    The neck is longer, stronger, muscular, arched, and there is no flabby or flabby skin at the throat. Chest is very deep, chest wide. Back: longer is better, the waist is round arch. Tail: Long and slightly curly, medium thickness and thick hair.

    Abdomen: Moderate lifting. Forerunne: the scapula is muscular, the width is the same as the chest, and the position is inclined. Elbows down, neither in nor out. Muscular, strong and straight. Legs: the forearm is well muscled and the whole foreleg is very strong and quite straight. Hind drive: the thigh muscles are developed, and the second thigh is long and strong, like the legs of a greyhound. The hock joint is in a low position, neither turning inward nor turning outward. The feet are slightly larger and round, neither bending inward nor turning outward. Toes are round and compact. Toenails are very strong and curved.

    Hair: The hair of the body, legs and head is messy and hard; especially the bristles of the eyes and jaw are longer. Colors and stripes: Recognized colors are gray, zebra, red, black, pure white or camel, and other colors close to deer hounds. Defect: Head is too light or too heavy, front bone is over arched; ears are too big, lying on both sides of face; neck is short; there is fat at throat; chest is too narrow or too wide; back is sunken or collapsed, too straight back; forelimb is inclined; rubber bone is over inclined; feet are twisted; toes are open; tail is over curled; weak hindquarters, general A converted muscle; too short. The color of the lip and nose are liver or lack of pigment.

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