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    Maltese dog is one of the oldest European playdogs. It is a gentle little dog that can play with children safely. The body proportion is very good, the white long hair makes it look very elegant, the head is high, born with a sense of nobility. Pay attention to the host and feelings, healthy body, very suitable for family feeding.

    Compared with body size, the length of the head of the dog is moderate and the drooping ear position is low. There are a lot of long hairs forming ear edge fringes, and the hairs droop to the head. The distance between the eyes is very wide, the color of the eyes is deep, round, the edge of the eyes is black, and the nose is also black. The neck is long enough to keep the head high. The trunk is compact, the back line is flat, the ribs are well expanded, and the waist is tight. The leg bone is thin, with good ornamentation, straight front leg, strong metacarpal joint and no bending. Strong hind legs, small and round feet, black toe pads.

    The tail is feathered and gracefully on the back. The Maltese is a single coat, long, flat and silky, which can be hung down to the ground along both sides of the body. Although the size is very small, but do not know fear, very confident, often gives a very dynamic feeling.

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