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    Manchester Terrier can be divided into two types: standard type and toy type. The standard type and toy type are basically the same. Except for the size and two ears, Manchester Terrier has almond shaped eyes, almost all of which are black. The bright eyes are not small, and the nose should also be black.

    Manchester Terrier has a quick and alert expression. The head is long and narrow, with skin close to the skull, almost flat, except for a slight retraction of the forehead. It looks like a blunt wedge from the front or the side. The muzzle is the same length as the head.

    The ears of standard Manchester Terrier are allowed to be vertical, scissor or button. There are no advantages or disadvantages in several ear types. The stand and button ears should be in the right position on the top of the head, with a wide and pointed ear base. Wide, open, blunt and bell shaped ears are serious defects. The ears should be long, pointed and upright.

    The tail is pointed and thin, and the length does not exceed the hock joint. At the end of the hindquarters. The joint between tail and body is thick, and the end is thin. Wei Baluo is skillful in going up, but it must not be rolled on his back. Coat should be smooth, short, dense, tight and glossy. It can’t be soft. The coat color is black with rich Mahogany Brown, but the two colors have a clear boundary and cannot be mixed together. There is a small brown spot above each eye and a small brown spot on each cheek. On the head, the muzzle to the nose is brown. The nose and bridge are black. Brown will extend below the throat, forming a V-shape. There’s some brown in the ears. Above the forelegs, there is a brown spot on the position of the chest, which is called “Rose Festival”. These characteristics are more evident in dogs than in adult dogs. There are black “thumb spots” on the wrist part of the forefoot. The rest of the front leg should be brown. There are so-called “pencil lines” of black stripes above the four toes. Any white appearance of the coat is a serious defect.

    The gait is easy and effortless, and the forelimb steps are correct, and horse like steps are not allowed. Strong hindquarters drive. Both hind legs should be in line with the corresponding front legs and should not be tilted inward or outward. When walking fast, focus on the lower center of gravity.

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