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    The standard height of adult Mexican hairless dog should be 41-57cm, and the standard weight of adult Mexican hairless dog should be 9-14kg. This dog is different from other dogs in that it can sweat.

    Mexican hairless dog has a long and thin head and a narrow skull. Ears usually grow at an angle of 50 – 80 degree. The eyes are slightly almond shaped. The mouth and nose are tapering. The chest of the body and limbs is deep and rather narrow, reaching to the elbow, and the front legs are long and straight. The soft back extends all the way to the round tail.

    The foot is small, the toe can retract, just like rabbit foot. The tail is long, the position of growth is low, and the tail tip is gradually thin.

    The dog’s skin feels hot because of its high temperature. Liver color short hair, blue short hair, black short hair.

    Its head looks like a snake loving little animal, and its body looks like a spotted little pig. The combination of these two features doesn’t really look like life on earth.

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