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    In general, the body length of male Mini Doberman is equal to the height of shoulder, and the body of female may be slightly longer. They are very petite and skinny, but their sports ability is not weak. They can walk with you for several hours without your holding. They are very energetic and are excellent family dogs. Although it’s said that dogs are nosy with mice, mini Doberman is a rat catcher.

    The head proportion of mini Doberman is very good, which is in good coordination with the body proportion. The eyes are full, slightly oval, clear, bright, dark or even pure black. The eyes are also dark, and the ears are upright. You can cut the ears for it or not. See the personal aesthetic view. The nose of the mini Doberman is black, while some are chocolate in the same color as the coat. The lips and cheeks are small and tight, and the teeth are scissor like. The neck is slightly arched between the body and the head, with elegant curve, developed muscles and no fat and wrinkled skin. The body is compact, slightly wedge-shaped and developed muscles. The waist is short and firm, the tail root is high, erect, and cut off at a proper position. Miniature Doberman’s claws should be removed. Its feet are small, toes are strong, pads are thick, and toenails are thick and blunt.

    The coat is smooth, short and hard, glossy, and straight, close to the skin. The mini Doberman has pure red, deer red, black, black with rust red spots, black pencil stripes on the toes. They walk smoothly, easily, have strong hind legs, have great courage and are relatively independent.

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