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    The Newfoundland dog is huge and powerful. Like a bear, its coat has a good effect on water resistance. Big size, good temper, and life-saving nature, is a very good partner. The average height of Newfoundland male is 71.1cm, and that of female is 66.0cm. They have huge heads, wide skulls and full cheeks. The eyes are dark brown, relatively small and sunken, and the distance between the two eyes is relatively large. The ears are small, triangular and slightly round at the tip. Their expressions also reflect their characteristics, intelligence and love.

    Newfoundland dogs have a strong neck and a long neck. Back strong, muscular, straight and wide. Wide hips, slightly sloping. The tail is wide and drooping naturally. When the dog stands naturally, the tail is drooping and the tip of the tail is slightly curly. When the dog is moving or excited, the tail is rolled up, but not more than the back. Shoulders are well muscled and stretch back. The limbs are full of muscles and bones, and the hindquarters are strong and muscular.

    The adult Newfoundland dog has a straight, double coat and is waterproof. The outer coat is thick, long, thick, straight or wavy. The lower layer is soft and dense, and its density decreases in summer and warm climate areas. The recognized Newfoundland dog colors are black, brown, gray and black and white. Newfoundland dog has a large size, but lovely is its most important feature, not clumsy, and not bad tempered it is loved by many people.

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