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    The overall appearance of the Pharaoh Hound gives a feeling of elegance, strength and agility. Slim figure, muscular limbs. The dog’s name is directly proportional to his status.

    Morphological characteristics:
    Pharaoh hounds have noble bloodline, distinct outline and beautiful lines. The movement is very stable, rapid, stretching, relaxed, and the expression is alert. The ears are medium-sized and flexible. When alert, the ears stand upright. The neck is beautiful, long and thin. The eyes are well-developed and slightly curved. The eyes are oval. The eyes are very close together. It is necessary for a visual hound to have excellent binocular vision. The shoulder and back lines are very smooth, the limbs are strong, the tail is loose and soft, the tail root is covered with thick hair, and the tail tip gradually becomes thin, The eyes are amber, the eyes are sunken, the eyes are sharp and alert, the nose is fleshy, and the color is integrated with the coat. When the dog is excited, it will turn red. The long and thin face looks clear, the short and shiny but slightly rough coat needs a little combing. The toe tip is white, and the feet are strong and powerful.

    Shoulder height: 23-25 inches for males and 21-24 inches for females. The overall balance must be ensured. The length of the body (the distance from the front sternum to the buttock) is slightly greater than the shoulder height. The body is supple.

    Head: Expression alert. Eyes: amber, matching with coat color, oval, slightly deep, sharp and intelligent eyes. Ear: the position is medium height. When alert, the ear is upright, but very flexible. The ear root is wide, and the ear is large and delicate. Head: long, sloping, well-defined. The stop is slight. The length of the front face is slightly longer than that of the head, the contour of the head is parallel to the muzzle, and the head is blunt wedge-shaped. Nose glass: flesh color, matching with coat color, no other color. Bite: strong jaw, strong teeth. It is a scissor bite.

    Neck, back line, body: Neck: long, sloping, muscular, slightly arched, making the head high. Clean throat. Back line: almost straight. Tilt slightly from hip to caudal root. Body: pliable, chest almost to elbow. Good rib support. Moderately. Tail: the position is moderate, the root is quite thick, the tip is thin, like a whip. It droops when resting and extends to the hock joint. In motion, the tail is raised and bent. The tail cannot be caught between the legs. A screw like tail is a defect.

    Forequarters: Shoulder blades: long and tilted back. Strong but not shoulder resistant. Elbow: proper angle. Forelegs: straight and parallel to each other. He has a strong bone. Wolf claws can be removed. Feet: neither cat’s foot nor rabbit’s foot, but very strong; the joints are developed and stable, neither bending inward nor turning outward. Pads are thick.

    Hindquarters: Strong and muscular. The hindquarters are parallel to each other. The knee is moderately swept back and the second thigh is clear. The wolf’s claws can be removed, and the feet are the same as the forelegs.

    Coat: Short and glossy, from delicate and close to the body to slightly rough, no frills. Scars caused by accidents are not defects.

    Color: From bright brown to chestnut, the allowed white stripes are as follows: a white tail tip is ideal. White markings appear on the chest (called “star spots”). White feet or white tendons in the middle of the face are allowed.

    Gait: Stretch and smooth; keep the head in a high up position with a large stride without any signs of strain. The legs and feet move in a straight line in the same direction as the body. It is a definite defect to swing the feet sideways or lift the legs too high (horse stance).

    Temperament: Intelligent, friendly, affectionate and naughty. Alert and active, very loyal and keen hound with good vision and sense of smell.

    Disqualification: Spots or other white markings are not needed. If there are pure white patches on the back of neck, shoulder, back or parts of both sides of the body, it is disqualified.

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