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    Poodle is a kind of very intelligent and show loving dog. For many years, it has been regarded as the national dog of France. VIP dog is divided into standard dog, mini dog and toy dog. The only difference between them is the size of the body. Since most people agreed that it would take root in France, FCI recognized it as the birthplace of the breed in 1936. They have a common characteristic. Shoulder height and body length are equal (square). The back hair is usually cut into traditional shape to make it different from other dogs.

    There are four types of poodles: Standard Poodle, mini poodle, toy poodle and giant poodle: shoulder height: 38cm. Mini poodle: shoulder height 28-38cm. Toy poodle: shoulder height 20-28cm. (25cm is the best shoulder height); Teacup poodle: shoulder height: 20cm. (it is classified as toy poodle in international standard); Giant Poodle: Body: the height is about 55cm, the weight is 30.5-35 kg, the body proportion is symmetrical, and the body is square. Features: the giant poodle has a long and straight snout, a slightly round skull, straight and parallel front legs, muscular hind legs, and a well proportioned and strong neck; it is intelligent and lively.

    Standard Poodle: Body: shoulder height is more than 35cm, weight is 20-32kg; as long as the proportion is appropriate, other aspects are quite similar, the smaller one will be better. The proportions should be square and the length of the body (from the sternum to the hip) should be equal to the shoulder height. The muscle and bone mass of the front and back legs are in proportion to the whole body. Features: head: thin and long, beautiful shape, keep head posture. Flat cheeks, closed lips. Ear: wide and long, with high ear root and drooping face. Eye: type nuclear eye, dark. The distance between the eyes is wide. Body: broad chest, short back, muscular waist. Coat: the coat is tufted, hard and curly, with various monochromatic colors. Claws, nose, lips, eyes, eyes, etc. are usually black. The color changes with the coat. Limbs: straight forelegs and hind limbs, muscular. Feet: small, hard, toes raised. Big fleshy toes. Tail: the tail root is high and a little inclined. Generally, the tail is broken.

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