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    Portuguese water dog has been praised by Portuguese fishermen. The dog is medium-sized, strong and can work all day in water or on land. It is a good working partner. Generally, the height of male dog is 50.8-58.4cm, and that of female dog is 43.2-53.3cm.

    The body is rectangular, and the length is slightly larger than the height. It has a broad head and a firm expression. The eyes are of medium size, with a large distance between the eyes, neither protruding nor sunken, black or brown, and black eyes. The ears are heart-shaped and thin. Looking down from above, the top of the skull is very wide, with a depression in the middle.

    With a prominent forehead and a groove in the middle. The nose is wide, the nostrils are dilated and black under the tongue and gingiva. Shoulders lean and muscular; upper arms strong; forelegs straight and strong. There are fins between the toes, which are a layer of skin, covered with hair, all the way to the toe. The two hind legs are parallel to each other, very straight, well muscled, with full hips and strong heels. The quilt is thick and dense with curly and wavy shapes, so it is necessary to help trim and remove the miscellaneous hairs from time to time. There are black, white or shades of brown, as well as a mixture of black or brown and white. They walk with a small stride and a lively gait. But the stride is big and the balance is good.

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