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    The ideal height of a pug is 25-28cm; its weight is 6-8kg; its personality is loyal and gentle; its body is well proportioned, strong, square and wrinkled, flat face will make a lovely expression. This dog has a good and clean personality.

    Morphological characteristics:
    Body type: Height: 25-28cm; Weight: 6-8kg; Head: The head is large, heavy, not arched, apple head, forehead does not shrink. The eyes are very dark, very large, prominent and eye-catching. Ball, eyes full of peace and desire. Very bright, when excited, full of enthusiasm. Ears are thin, small, soft, like black velvet. There are two ear shapes: rose or button. The latter is ideal. The wrinkles are big and deep. The tone is short, blunt and wide, but not cocked. The occlusion should be slight protrusion. The tongue can only be added upward.

    The body: The neck is slightly arched and strong, and its length is enough to make the head lift up proudly. Back short, back line horizontal. The body is short and fat, the chest is wide and the ribs are well expanded. Curl the tail as far as possible above the hips. Multiple curls are better.

    Limbs: The forelegs are very thick, straight, of moderate length, under the body. From the side, the elbow is directly under the shoulder. The wrist is strong, neither too much nor down. Feet are neither as long as rabbit feet, nor as round as cat feet. Toes well apart, black toenails. Wolf claws are usually removed.

    The hindquarters are strong and strong, with moderate angle of the posterior knee joint and the hock joint perpendicular to the ground. From the back, the legs are parallel to each other. Balance the hindquarters with the forequarters. Thighs and hips are full and muscular. Feet are the same as forequarters.

    The coat is beautiful, smooth, soft, short and shiny, neither hard nor like wool. The color is silver, apricot or black. Silver or apricot yellow should be clear, with strong contrast with other color stripes and face colors. The outline of the stripes is clear. The muzzle or face color, ears, ear edges, thumb spots, diamond spots on the front legs, and back stripes may be black. The color of the face should be black.

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