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    The Rottweiler is strong, powerful and fast-moving. The ideal height of the adult male is 63-69cm, with a weight of 45-55kg; the ideal height of the adult female is 58-63cm, with a weight of 40-50kg. Body length is slightly longer than height, and the ideal ratio of body height to body length is 9:10.

    Appearance features:
    Head: medium length, wide head cover, short and thick snout, quite raised forehead, two forehead are very expanded, and there are also wrinkles on the head. The head is of medium length, wide between the ears; the forehead is moderately arched; the cheekbones are arched and the stop is clear, and the upper and lower jaws are very powerful. His forehead is dry, but when he is alert, there are some wrinkles. The expression is noble, alert and confident.

    Ear: the ear is of medium size, with a high ear root, lying on its back. Drooping, triangular; ears listen attentively, on the same plane as the top of the head, widening the appearance of the head. The distance between the ears is relatively open and pendulous. The inner edge of the ears is close to the head and the end is close to the middle of the cheek.

    Eyes: Apricot eyes, medium size, bronze color. Nose: the nose is very developed. It must be black. Trunk: square physique, firm and strong, chest wide and thick, back straight, waist inclined.

    Coat: the hair is short, straight, thick on the top and capillary on the bottom. The color of the hair is black, plus the tan or reddish brown spots on specific parts, which do not exceed one tenth of the whole body. The undercoat is black, gray and light brown, but it is not good from the outside. Curly hair is regarded as unqualified

    Limbs: straight forelimb, well-developed muscle, sharp angle of bending of hind limb. Foot: firm foot, round front foot, slightly slender rear foot, hard toes, short and black claws, raised toes, similar to black pencil marks on the front of toenails. The hind paw must be removed. Tail: the root of the tail is high and horizontal, and the tail is usually broken at the first joint. Height: male: 63-69cm female: 58-63cm.

    Gait: fast, balanced, coordinated, confident and powerful. The forelegs have good extension, the hind legs are powerful, the front and rear legs are neither inverted nor abducted, the hind legs and the forelegs are moving in a straight line, when the speed of moving is accelerated, the landing point of the limbs tends to the center line of the body.


    Morphological characteristics of Rottweiler

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