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    Russian Wolfhound (also called BORZOI) is a large and strong dog. The shoulder height of male Russian wolfhound is generally 75.0-85.0 cm, and that of female is 68.0-78.0 cm. The head is slightly arched, long and narrow; the teeth are strong and tidy, and they are scissor like or forceps like. The nose mirror of the dog is big and black; the ear is small and good in texture, tilts backward, leans against the neck when resting, the tip of the ear drops backward, and the ear protrudes when moving; the eye circle is dark in color, and the expression is gentle.

    The neck is clean and tidy, the throat is free of fat; the chest is narrow, but the depth is very deep; the back rises slightly to the waist, forming a beautiful curve; the waist muscles are very developed, obviously lifted up. The skeleton of forequarters is straight and slightly flat; the feet are in the shape of rabbit feet, with compact toes and thick foot pads; the hindquarters are long and muscular, and the hind legs are parallel to each other when viewed from the back; the tail is long and low, hanging in a beautiful arc.

    The coat is long and soft, wavy or curly. The hair in front of the head, ears and forelegs is short and smooth, and the neck is thick; the feather of the hindquarters and tail is very rich, and the coat usually has rich colors. Pay attention to trimming. When the Russian wolfhound is running fast, its feet close to the center line of the body. From the side view, due to the proper angle of the rear knee joint and the hock joint, the driving force is strong and the stride is extended, so the overall look is relaxed, powerful, smooth and beautiful.

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