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    The ideal height of the Saluki Dogs is about 58 cm to 71 cm, the female is slightly smaller, and the ideal weight of the East African Hound is 20 kg to 25 kg. He is rather large and slim.

    Morphological characteristics:
    Head is long and narrow, the head is slightly wide between the two ears, no arch, no obvious stop, and the overall quality is very good. The nose is black or liver colored. Ears are long, covered with long silky hair, hanging on both sides of the head, flexible. Eyes: dark black or hazel, bright; large and oval; not prominent. Teeth: strong and flat.

    Neck is long, soft and muscular.

    Chest: Deep and slightly narrow.

    Forequarters: Shoulder blades lean back, muscular but not rough. Foreleg: straight and long (from elbow to wrist).

    Hindquarters are firm, the hip bone is relatively open, and the knee joint is moderately inclined. Hock position low. Show the ability to run and jump at high speed. Waist and back: the back is quite wide, muscular and slightly arched. Feet: medium length, toes long and round, not open, but not cat’s feet at the same time; the whole is very strong and smooth, with feathery feathers between toes.

    Tail: long, low position, natural curve like droop, long, silk, feather like feathers under the tail, not very dense.

    Coat: Smooth and soft silky hair, slightly feathered on legs, feathered on the back of thighs, and slightly wool like feathered on shoulders and thighs.

    Color: White, cheese, camel, gold, red, gray, brown, tricolor (black, white, brown), black and brown. Short hairy variant: other parts of this variant are consistent with the above description, except for the coat, there is no frill.

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