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    The ideal Scottish Deerhound has a shoulder height of 30-32 inches, and the female is shorter than the male. In fact, there is no limit to the shoulder height of the Scottish Deerhound. The higher and shorter ones are normal. But dogs that are not in this range will look ugly.

    The ears of Scottish Deerhound are wide, and the closer they are to the eyes, the narrower they are. The sharper the muzzle, the narrower it is to the nose. The teeth are slightly flat to the lips. The flat head is long and not round, and the upper part of the eyes is slightly raised, and is obviously separated from the stop. The medium length hair covers the head and is slightly softer than the hair distributed in other parts. The black nose is blue camel, and the nose is blue and slightly curved. If the coat is light, the tone is black. A Scottish Deerhound has a silky moustache and a beautiful beard.

    The eyes of Scottish Deerhounds are dark, generally dark brown, brown or hazel. It is not suitable for a particularly light color, eyes appropriate fullness. When resting, the eyes are soft; when excited, and full of sharp eyes, the eyes are very far away. The eyes are black.

    The coat of a Scottish Deerhound is a coarse bristle covering the body, neck and limbs, with a length of 3 to 4 inches; the head, chest and abdomen are covered with soft hair. The bangs are located on the inside of the front and back legs and are different from the “feathers” of the Collie. Wool like coat is a defect. Silk like wool with good tension infiltrates with hard coat, and is preferable to wool like coat.

    The mixed coat is caused by the American climate. Dense and thick rough coat is the best, rough and dry.

    The hair color of Scottish Deerhounds is related to personal preference. The first choice is dark blue gray, and then different shades of gray and spot color. Dark color is generally the first choice. Yellow, sand red, red brown, especially black tone and ears, the above hair color are treated equally. White coat is not allowed, white coat is allowed to appear on the chest and toes, but only in dark dogs. Because the coat of the Hound is of the same type, it is not ideal. A white band around the head or neck is disqualified. Although no white is the most perfect, there are some excellent varieties with a little white at the tip of the tail.

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