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    Scottish Terrier is small, compact, strong in structure and full of bone. Compared with the body, the head is very long, which makes it look more lovely. The overall body shape is well proportioned, both male and female, with a shoulder height of about 10 inches. The expression looks very naughty, so it’s very likable. This kind of dog’s head is relatively long, medium width, with two parallel planes of head and muzzle. The eyes are round and dark brown.

    No matter what color the coat is, the nose glasses are black and of moderate size. The teeth are in order and are in the form of scissors or forceps. The neck length is moderate, strong, strong and muscular, the back line is stable and horizontal, the tail root is high, it is lifted vertically, vertically upward or slightly forward curved, the tail root is thick, gradually thinner, covered with short and hard hair. The bones of the forelegs are very thick, vertical or slightly curved, with elbows close to the body and under the shoulder blades. The front feet are larger than the back feet, round, thick and compact, with strong toenails. The thighs are very muscular and powerful. The coat is hard, the inner undercoat is soft and thick, and the coat needs to be trimmed. There are black spots and wheat spots with other colors. The gait is quite characteristic. When walking, the front leg is slightly inward. Keep the topline level and stable when walking.

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