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    The size of St. Bernard is large, full of strength and looks very strong. St. Bernard is one of the largest dogs in the world, but its temper is very docile, and its huge size has saved many people by this advantage. This kind of dog is particularly popular in Denmark. Like the body, the head is powerful and spectacular. The head is big and broad, the eyes are medium-sized, the color is dark brown, and the eyes are friendly.

    The nose is solid and wide, with wide nostrils, which are black. The upper and lower jaws are strong, wide and of equal length. The ears are medium-sized, well positioned and wide. Easy twists and turns, triangle, ear tip circle, the front edge of the ear is firmly against the head edge during vigilance, and the back edge is slightly far away from the head. The neck is high and firm. When alert or paying attention to something, it will be lifted upward. When other times, it will be placed horizontally or slightly downward. The shoulders are tilted and the broad muscles are very developed and powerful. The back is very wide, straight up to the waist, the hindquarters are fully developed, and the leg muscles are very developed. The part starting from the hip is very powerful and wide, with a long tail and a powerful tip. When resting, it is suspended vertically. The coat is very thick, short, smooth and hard, but the touch is not rough.

    The hair at the root of tail is slightly long and dense, and gradually becomes shorter towards the tip of tail. The color is generally white with red or red with white.

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