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    Welsh Corgi can be divided into two types, cardigan Welsh Corgi and Pembroke Welsh Corgi, and there are some differences between the two types. Pembroke Corgi has a shorter, relatively lighter body. In temperament, Pembroke Corgi is more excitable, less docile and tame than cadigan Welsh Corgi.

    Corgi has always been a pet of the British royal family. Its overall appearance is: low, strong, strong, alert and lively, with smart appearance and strong endurance. The weight of male dog is generally 13.61kg; that of female dog is not more than 12.70kg, and the shoulder height is 25.4-30.5cm. The shape of the head is similar to that of the fox. The eyes are oval, not big, not small, not round and not protruding. They are brown, with black edge. The ears are upright, hard, medium-sized, and sensitive to sound. Lips are black, closed and not full. The body is long and well balanced, the back is hard, horizontal, the ribs are elastic, the chest is deep, the forelegs are short, the feet are oval, generally no matter the front claws or the back claws, the wolf toes will be removed. The most distinctive feature is that Corgi’s buttocks are slightly wider than the width of his body, but it is because of his cute “big” buttocks that many people like him.

    As for Corgi’s tail, it’s usually short. Welsh Corgi’s gait is very smooth, the forelegs stretch freely, but the lifting is not too high. Viewed from the front, his limbs are not in a parallel plane when walking, but slightly retracted to make up for the short leg. The coat length of Corgi is moderate, the outer coat is long and rough, but the inner coat is short and thick and soft, the key is the neck hair. Whether a Corgi neck hair is good or not directly affects its appearance. Corgi’s coat should be trimmed in time to make it look more energetic.

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