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    The ideal shoulder height for a Welsh spaniel is 45.7-48.3cm for a male and 43.2-45.7cm for a female. Weight is in line with shoulder height. Coat can only be full red and white, any color spot is allowed and any white part can have freckles.

    The head of a Welsh spaniel is unique and should not be similar to that of any other breed of hound. Its overall balance is paramount. The head is proportional to the trunk. It must not be wide and rough, nor narrow and tall and thin. The skull is moderately long, slightly domed, with clear frontal and nasal steps. Well defined under the eyes. There was a slight difference between the parietal plane and the rostral plane, but the rostral plane did not incline downward. Round and full heads are the least popular.

    Oval eyes, dark brown to medium brown, soft expression. Although light brown is allowed, dark eyes are dominant. Yellow or unsightly eyes will be severely punished. The eyes are of medium size, neither protruding nor sinking or showing the blink membrane. It’s best to have tight, dark eyes.

    The ears are close to the same level of the eyes and close to the cheek. The ears are small and the hearing is good. Gradually narrowed to the ear tip, like rattan leaves, slightly hairy.

    The snout length is close to or equal to (but not greater than) the cranial length. Kiss straight, square, no extra lips. Nostrils well developed, black or different shades of brown. Pink nose is a serious defect. It is better to use a scissor bite table.

    The size of the body is moderate, the skeleton is not rough, the structure is compact, the neck is long arched, the back is horizontal, the waist is slightly bent, the muscle is thick, the tail is broken, can work in any place, is a very excellent water dog.

    The coat of a Welsh spaniel is naturally straight and soft, never hard or wavy. The coat is dense enough to resist water, stab and bad weather. The back of the front leg and the back leg are moderately hairy above the hock joint and below the chest and trunk. Less hair on ears and tail. It’s not recommended to have too much hair to hinder field activities. Obvious trimming should also be avoided.

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