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    Welsh Terrier is similar to some terriers in its morphological characteristics. Their bodies are tight, the overall proportion is very balanced, giving people a sense of tension, very powerful.

    The head is rectangular, the eyes are small, dark brown and almond shaped. The ears are small and V-shaped. When it is quiet, the ears will droop forward. When it is concentrated, the ears will be slightly upward and the nose is black. Their faces are usually cut into rectangles, their lips are black and tight, and their teeth are firm and powerful. The length and thickness of the neck are moderate; the back line is horizontal; the waist is firm and compact; the tail generally needs to be broken, and the reserved length is about the same as the height of the back brain, forming a square appearance. The tail is raised vertically. The muscles of the limbs are relatively developed and powerful, the feet are small and round, the foot pads are thick, and the nails are hard. When walking, the gait is easy and free, and the route is straight. The coat of the dog is thick and hard, and it clings to the body. The color is generally dark yellow and the back is black.

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