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    Dogs are usually raised indoors now, so what should owners prepare for the little life together? In order to let the dog know where he lives, the dog house is absolutely necessary to select the dog you want to raise. It’s time to start preparing to welcome him into the house. Even if you want to keep a small dog in the house, you should prepare a dog house for it. If you have a large dog, that’s even more so. Let him know that, of course, during the day, it doesn’t need to be said that this is the place where he sleeps at night, not where he wants to sleep. For a dog, it is more comfortable to designate a place where he can stretch his waist when he wants to lie down.

    The dog house doesn’t have to be very particular, as long as it’s spacious. In fact, it’s OK to use a paper box or wooden box to spread a towel on it. If you buy the dog house sold in the shop, it is convenient to lock up the dog in advance before the guests visit. The dog house should be placed in a quiet, dark place, preferably in a warm winter and cool summer, ventilated and sun proof place, if possible, in different places in winter and summer.

    Dog’s defecation place can’t be changed at will. Besides dog house, dog toilet can also be bought in commodities. Of course, you can make one by yourself. The larger plastic box used in the kitchen, or the two-layer plastic basket with controlled washing water, can be used as long as several layers of newspapers are laid inside. The dog’s toilet is best placed in a quiet corner that is not easy to see, so that it can defecate easily. Can also be placed in the toilet at home, if considering the convenience of washing, can also be placed in the bathroom or the balcony with sewer. Once the location of the urinal is determined, try not to move it casually to prevent the dog from defecating because it cannot be found.

    In addition to the above items, you need to prepare a food basin for it, a collar and a leash for walking. When you configure these things, you should first consider whether it is convenient to use them. You should also choose a suitable bowl for dogs. If you choose a plastic bowl for your dog’s bowl, it is easy to be bitten by the dog, and it is not easy to wash if it is dirty. It may be better to buy a stainless steel basin made of expensive points. It’s better to choose the ones with stable bottom and not easy to overturn. For Bulldogs, Pugs, Japanese and Beijing dogs, large and shallow food basins should be used because of the short snout, while deep ones should be used for dogs with long snout. For dogs with long ears, the basin with narrow caliber and deep bottom shall be selected to prevent the ears from being immersed in the food basin.

    There are various kinds of collars for dogs, including leather, synthetic leather, nylon, metal, etc. For small dogs, it’s better to choose soft point ones, while for long haired dogs, if the collar is used, it’s easy to cause hair loss or neck hair lodging, so it’s better to use the back cover type traction cover from the heel of the front leg to the back shoulder.

    In order to keep the dog healthy, we should prepare some cleaning products for it to keep the dog’s hair and skin clean. Don’t forget to prepare some cleaning products for it, such as shampoo, hair conditioner and comb, brush, nail clipper, tweezers, cotton swab, etc. When choosing shampoo, don’t forget to consider whether it is suitable for your dog’s hair color.

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