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    1. When taking a dog out for a walk, the leash and leash must be used, and the habit of wearing the leash must be formed when the puppies are young. The leash is also the end of the rope made of belt, canvas belt, fiber belt or iron chain, which should have a detachable sleeve, which is convenient to use and will not fall off the leash.

    2. Dog food utensils. The food utensils for feeding dogs should be firm, easy to wash and hard to overturn, such as stainless steel basin, aluminum basin and iron basin. The size and shape of the utensils vary according to the size and shape of the dog. For dogs with flat face and short nose, shallow utensils should be used; for dogs with long ears, the ears may fall into the drinking utensils and get dirty when eating. It’s better to use a deep bowl to extend their snout.

    3. Preparation of cleaning tools. Including brushes, combs, scissors, hair dryers, soap and detergent, etc. The best brush is the pig brush, the long haired dog should use a slightly long and medium hardness brush; the short haired dog should use a slightly short and hard brush, the comb should be metal comb, the coarse haired dog should use a thin tooth comb; the fine haired dog should use a dense tooth comb. Scissors are used for cutting the toes and coat of dogs; soap and detergent are used for bathing dogs.

    4. Provide toys to play. Dogs have the habit of carrying and biting things, so we must prepare some sticks, balls and other toys that are not easy to swallow, fragile and hairless according to dogs’ hobbies for dogs to play with. These toys are very useful in training dogs.

    5. Other common articles. Prepare common disinfectants as required, trim the claws and hairy scissors, etc. In addition, some medical cotton, gauze, disinfectant, 30% tincture of iodine, purple potion and antibiotic ointment should also be prepared. And some people keep dogs for a walk, in order to keep out the cold, put on clothes and hats.

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