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    Every summer is the peak period of pet dog cutting. Many owners will take their dogs to the pet shop to have their hair cut. Of course, they will solve it at home. In fact, as long as they carefully study their own cutting, they can save a lot of money! So first of all, we need to know what are the dog shearing tools? The basic pruning tools mainly include comb, knife, scissors, nail clippers for pets, electric clippers, etc. The comb and knife are metal serrated tools for pulling out dead hair. Scissors are generally used for trimming hair around eyes, ears, lips, feet, anus, genitals, etc. You can prune your dog at home. You don’t need to be too complicated. Just have a few necessary tools.

    The first thing you need is a comb, which is basically a necessary beauty tool for a dog family. Combs must be necessary at home. Especially, you need to comb your dog’s hair frequently to avoid knots and stickiness. When cutting or shaving a dog’s hair, the comb can play a role of ruler and protection. On the one hand, according to your own preferences, you can trim the thickness and layers of your dog’s hair, and use a comb to grasp the scale. The second aspect can also avoid dog injury. Some parents may not have a lot of experience in trimming the dog’s hair. If there is a comb block, the dog will not be hurt by the wrong scissors.

    The second is scissors, which are naturally used for trimming. There must be scissors for hair trimming. Scissors for pet hair trimming can be purchased in pet products stores or beauty salons, and the powerful network is also a major purchase channel. A pair of scissors can solve most problems. The scissors are normal on one side and zigzag on the other. They can be used to thin the hair layer without affecting the appearance. What you want to cut depends on your skill!

    Finally, it’s the electric push shear, which is different from the human one. The main difference between pet electric push scissors and human hair electric push scissors lies in the knife head and motor. The sharpness of the blade is much stronger than that of the hairdresser, and the horsepower is also greater than that of the human. The sharpness of the blade is related to the steel material, heat treatment and grinding precision. The material selection, heat treatment and grinding precision of the pet blade, including the strength of the spring, are much higher than that of the human blade To achieve these precision, the cost and processing equipment, processing technology are much higher. When using, if the power becomes small, please clean the hair of the knife head in a hurry, and pay attention to pause to let the body cool down before using, so as to avoid the hair clip can not be pulled out in the electric push shear, causing pain or injury to the dog. All right! With the above three kinds of artifact, plus your own learning, you can start work. I hope the dogs from your own hands are beautiful!


    Necessary tools for grooming and shaving dogs


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