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    It is necessary for dogs to exercise properly even though their body functions are declining in their old age. However, walking with old dogs is different from those with young vigor. The following points should be paid attention to.

    1. Walking equipment should be prepared with water and bags for defecation when going out. It’s useful to wear a coat when it’s freezing. Don’t forget to bring towels. Snack, you can also bring a small amount of it.

    2. Warm up. Before walking, touch the joints and the body of the dog’s feet to warm up! Warm up your body, and you can prevent injury during walking.

    3. The key points to make the dog more happy to walk. For the aged dog, the game on the way of walking is more suitable than vigorous exercise. But if the dog wants to, he can play ball games on the way to increase the amount of exercise.

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