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    Because they have thick hair and are long haired dogs, they lose a lot of hair during the period of changing hair. Some Pomeranians lose no less hair than a Samo at all during the period of changing hair. So in this period of hair changing, how should the owner care?

    Pomeranian began to shed hair about four months after birth (some will change earlier, some will be later), that is to say, to remove the fetal hair. By about six months, the fetal hair was completely shed and began to grow. The growth of hair around one year old was basically completed, and the amount of hair around two years old reached the peak.

    The following points should be paid attention to during the hair changing period of dogs:
    A. It must be combed frequently to help its fetal hair fall off as soon as possible, so as not to hinder the growth of new hair;

    B. Due to the large amount of nutrition required for hair growth, balanced nutrition is very important in this period. Also, it can be used in this period to adjust the skin of dogs The condition and hair growing environment can achieve twice the result with half the effort;

    C. Reasonable sun exposure and proper exercise are all helpful to it.

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