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    It’s a normal physiological phenomenon that dogs can burp if they don’t feed too much. It’s similar to us. It usually stops after a period of time, so the owners don’t need to worry too much. Of course, in some cases, the owner should pay more attention to the dog’s condition to prevent it is caused by physical discomfort. Burping is a physiological phenomenon caused by irregular spasm of the diaphragm under the ribs. In fact, people often have burping. It’s just that the burping of dogs is not the same as that of humans. Although their bodies twitch, they don’t make much noise. And the frequency of hiccups in puppies is usually higher than in adults. Burping in a normal cat usually stops in one day at most.
    But if the dog burps too often, think about whether it’s caused by eating too fast or too much. The owners can try to adjust the amount of food to see if the dog is relieved. In addition, if the burping time is too long, it may be caused by a foreign body in the throat, but it is usually not a large individual foreign body. If it’s a cat, it may swallow the cat’s hair. The owner can comb the cat’s hair more to reduce the amount of hair the cat eats when it’s grooming. Or properly give the feed or snack cat grass with hair transforming effect to help vomiting to improve.
    If the dog burps for several days without stopping, it may be brain tumor or nervous system problem. At this time, it is necessary to go to the pet hospital for relevant examination. In a word, in most cases, the burp is related to the diet. It may be caused by eating too much or eating too fast. It can recover after a period of time. It’s better to send to the hospital as soon as possible if it hasn’t been improved for a long time.

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