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    The body temperature of Bellington Terrier female dog began to drop about 3 days before delivery. The normal rectal temperature was 38-39 degC, and it would drop 0.5-1.5 degC before delivery. Remind you that if the body temperature starts to rise, it indicates that the poodle is about to give birth. In the two weeks before delivery, the breast of the female dog began to expand, and the breast was full. In the two days before delivery, a small amount of milk could be extruded from the nipple. In the days before delivery, the vulva will gradually swell, soft and congested, the folds on the labia skin will expand, and the mucous membrane of the vagina will be flushed. In the 24-36 hours before delivery, the appetite of the female dog will be greatly reduced, or even stop eating. The female dog’s action is impatient, and often grasps the ground with the claw, especially the performance of the first born female dog is more obvious. In the 3-10 hours before delivery, the female dog will start to have pains, restlessness, yawning, groaning or screaming, grabbing grass and shortness of breath, increasing the number of urination, obvious collapse of hip ischial tubercle, swelling of vulva, such as mucus outflow, which means that the female dog will deliver within hours. Generally, the delivery is mostly in the early morning or in the evening, so it is suggested that the owner should pay special attention to the condition of the female dog and strengthen the observation during these two periods.

    Generally speaking, young Bellington dogs are often very nervous due to fear when they come to the new environment. Any big noise and action may be frightened. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid loud noise, let alone multiple people watching and teasing out of curiosity. It’s best to put it directly into the kennel or arrange a rest place indoors, and then approach it after a period of time.
    The best time to get close to the dog is when feeding. At this time, you can push the food down in front of the pup, treat it with a gentle tone, or gently touch its back hair. The food should be the dog’s favorite food, such as meat and bones. But at the beginning, it may not eat. It is not necessary to force it to eat in a hurry. When it adapts, it will automatically eat.
    If Bellington goes out of the kennel or walks freely in the room, indicates that he has initially adapted to the new environment. In addition, puppies must be trained to defecate at a fixed place. Dogs have a habit that when they come to a new environment, the place where they sleep for the first time is considered to be the safest place. They will come to this place every night and never go beyond the thunder step. Therefore, on the first night when he sleeps, he must be locked in the kennel or the designated sleeping place indoors, even for adult dogs. After a few days, it will be fixed. If it is occasionally found sleeping in other places, it is necessary to carry it back to the original place and issue the “here” password. Puppies can adapt to the new environment after 3 to 5 days.
    During this period, the host should be friendly, not to mention angry and scolding. If the pup does something according to the owner’s request, it should be rewarded in time to let it know that it is the owner’s favorite thing. If it does something wrong, as long as it says “no” seriously, it will know that it is not allowed by the owner. In the adaptation stage of puppies, escape should be prevented. Once the puppies are found to be secretive, evasive and disobedient, they shall be stopped and reprimanded immediately when attempting to escape, so that they will not escape any more.

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