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    From childhood to old age, a dog is always a small child in the eyes of its owner. Its food and clothing are taken care of by the owner in the whole process. Systemic care is not easy for every parent. Let’s start with the oral cavity we eat every day. How should the dog owner care for Chesapeake Bay Retriever?

    Oral diseases account for 20% of digestive system diseases, while indirect cases account for 60%. Oral diseases mainly include “inflammation of oral mucosa, laceration and ulcer of tongue, bleeding and swelling of teeth, gingivitis, periodontitis, alveolar abscess and other diseases.”. The occurrence of these diseases is largely related to the owner’s inattention to the dog’s oral health and improper oral care. The specific nursing methods are as follows:

    1. Starting from the dog’s 6 months, brush his teeth 2-3 times a week. At the beginning, the dog will not adapt to resistance, but if he insists on doing it, he will form a better habit. First, take a gauze strip and dip it in a little physiological saline to wrap it around the index finger, and then wipe the gums and crevices in sequence. The action should be light to avoid damaging the gums. After the dog adapts, dip in a little pet toothpaste to brush his teeth. This toothpaste does not need to rinse, but can be dried by himself. The above operation can last for 2 weeks. After the dog is fully adapted, it can be brushed with a special toothbrush for dogs. After long-term adherence, the ideal nursing effect can be obtained.

    2. Don’t give the dog too much sweets, such as chocolate and sugar, to avoid caries. It can be fed with vegetable sticks and other kinds of biting bones, which can not only exercise the biting force of the dog’s teeth, but also clean the calculus and tartar.

    3. In case of oral ulcer, gingival redness and swelling, warm normal saline can be used to clean and rub iodine glycerin or antibiotics. If the lesion is serious, antibiotic therapy shall be used.

    4. Often add some vitamin B group drugs, reduce the incidence rate. The dog’s mouth may seem inconspicuous, but ignoring it will cause a lot of trouble. In order to keep the dog healthy and happy, the owner of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever needs to be diligent and quick.

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