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    For this kind of loyal partner, we usually have to take good care of it. The coat of Portuguese water dog is thick and long, and it will feel hotter in summer, so it is necessary to trim it in time.

    However, it should be noted that the coat should not be cut too short, because proper hair can block ultraviolet rays, so as to avoid skin burns. Don’t expose it to the sun after taking a bath. First dry it with a towel, and then dry it with a hair dryer. Of course, ear hair, belly bottom hair and foot bottom hair should also be properly trimmed. A beautiful shape can make a pet happy, on the contrary, it will make him shy.

    The nails of dogs are also very important. Dogs who often go out to exercise or receive outdoor training will help to wear their nails during the running project, while dogs who often stay indoors will often help to trim their nails. It’s better to help the dog cut the blood line when he is young. Otherwise, if he doesn’t trim it in time, the blood line will grow as his nails grow. When he does, he can only go to the hospital and ask the doctor to help the dog cut it.

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