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    There are many kinds of care for Scottish Terriers, including physical care and physical care. The most important day for a female dog is when she has a baby. Following will talk about prenatal and postnatal care for Scottish Terriers.

    The gestation period of Scottish Terrier is generally about two months. Before that, we must make preparations. First of all, the house must be kept clean and the indoor air circulation must be maintained. The hair around the teat should be removed, so as to feed the puppies more conveniently.

    Secondly, we need to make a box for puppies and mother dogs. The space should be as large as possible, and the bedding should be laid inside. It must be clean. In the postpartum to always clean the bedding, pay attention to keep them warm. The female dog may become fierce after childbirth, so it’s best to keep it quiet for a few days and don’t disturb it.

    For the mother dog, we must feed it with calcium, because the calcium of the female dog will be lost with the breast milk, and the serious lack of calcium may cause the mother dog to cramp. So calcium supplement is necessary. Some dogs with poor motherhood may refuse to feed their puppies. You can grab a puppy and try to make it scream, try to arouse its motherhood. Always pay attention to whether the pup is squeezed by the mother dog. When you hear the scream of the pup, you should check it. Puppies can be taken out to get more sun exposure, which is good for them. Doing these things well will help both the female dogs and the pup grow up healthily.

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