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    As a long haired dog, you can not ignore the usual care of coat of Shetland Shepherd. At first, you can comb the hair in general with a row comb, and then use a nail comb to comb the knotted hair smoothly, especially the mane and the hair on the neck, so that it’s not only beneficial to the appearance, but also can remove the miscellaneous hair, making the dog feel comfortable. Many people suggest that dog owners should start training their dogs from an early age. Otherwise, they should not train. The effect of later training is not very good. After all, dogs have developed a habit for many years. Training from an early age can make them remember deeply, as is the case for the training of Shetland Shepherd.

    First of all, find out what your dog is interested in, or what kind of food he prefers, and then let him know how to get the reward through the way of reward. After such a long time, he will form a habit and achieve the effect of training. The owner’s correct training method and the natural intelligence of Shetland Shepherd will make it a rare good dog.

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