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    St. Bernard: Because of its huge size, Saint Bernard’s cleaning is more troublesome. Usually, we should pay more attention to it. In general, we can use a warm towel to wipe its skin and coat every day, which can reduce the number of times it takes to take a bath. Generally, a bath for this large dog may take half a day, so it is only necessary to clean it in time, so it won’t be too hard.

    Generally speaking, this type of dog takes a bath once a month. Saint Bernard has a lot of saliva. He can put more water, clean himself when he drinks water, or wipe it regularly. In general, Saint Bernard likes to live in groups. When he is in the wild, he usually shows a certain wildness. They are absolutely loyal to their owners. If they act as caretakers, they will scare many people and prevent foreign invaders.

    For the training of St. Bernard, we still need to reward and encourage and time to run in. In the process of repeated training, we should make it a habit to cultivate a single mind. It doesn’t take too much deliberate training.

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