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    With the improvement of pet’s living standard, people pay more and more attention to pet’s health, and the requirements of pet’s feeding, nursing and medical treatment are higher and higher. Under this premise, pet’s time with us is longer. And when they are old, how can I make a better life for them?

    Generally speaking, dogs over the age of 8-10 are considered to be in old age. In this period, special love should be given to special dogs.

    1. The performance of pet aging. Pet hearing loss, some animals will gradually lose hearing. The skin is thin and dry, the depilation is serious, the body becomes weak and the muscles atrophy, the liquid between joints starts to dry out, causing inflammation and discomfort. The lens of eyeball becomes turbid and slightly grayish blue. The fur around the mouth, nose and ears turns white or yellow. The symptoms include decreased motor ability, sluggish gait, fatigue, loose teeth, significantly reduced sensitivity, prolonged rest time, cardiopulmonary dysfunction, increased cough at night, and aging joints. There are many pet babies will also appear grumpy, irritable and other abnormal symptoms.

    2. Special love for special pet. A. Pet feeding: The change of exercise quantity will change the digestion and absorption capacity of intestine, the filtration and detoxification functions of liver and kidney. Attention should be paid to reduce the hardness of food, supplement calcium, iron, vitamins and other microelements appropriately, change food of different tastes, and achieve food diversification Nutrition balance. Note: pets are forbidden to eat food that is not suitable for digestion to ensure water supply. B. Pet brushing: if possible, please brush your pet’s teeth to reduce the bacterial invasion caused by gingivitis. There are many symptoms of dental calculus in elderly pets. The owner should pay attention to them. There are many bacteria or toxins in dental calculus, which are easy to cause gingivitis, toothache, stomatitis and even renal failure. It is necessary and extremely important to pay attention to the oral hygiene of pet. As the teeth are loose, try to feed with liquid food or half liquid food in a way of less food and more meals. C. Pet eye care: Often use wet cotton to remove excessive mucus, clean the skin around the eyes, keep the corners of the eyes clean, and use eye care fluid according to the doctor’s instructions. Because elderly pets are prone to dry eyes, cataracts, glaucoma and other eye diseases, regular physical examination should be carried out. D. Pet ear care: Check the inner ear canal regularly and remove the dirt in the ear according to the doctor’s instructions. For dogs such as Teddy, schnauzer, etc., ear hair should be pulled out regularly and ear care should be carried out weekly; for cats and vertical ears, regular care should be carried out; for dogs and cats with broken ears, special attention should be paid to daily care. E. Pet joint care: Joint aging is an important torture to animals, and joint pain is a common disease of elderly pets. In this way, we should always pay attention to pet’s activity behavior. If we enter into the old age, we need to timely supplement the material of joint lubrication and nutrients, and it is easy for the intestinal absorption of elderly pets. If they can’t move regularly, they can massage the muscles or extend and bend the joints of limbs for auxiliary therapy and physical therapy when they rest. F. Pay attention to perianal: The elderly dogs and cats are prone to constipation due to the abnormal gastrointestinal function, slow intestinal peristalsis and other symptoms. The occurrence of constipation is easy to cause perianal diseases, such as perianal fistula, perianal inflammation and anal adenitis. G. Improvement of immune function: Due to the age, the immune function of the elderly pet is decreased, and it is easy to have diseases such as tumor, cancer and other diseases when the immunity is low. Therefore, the immune booster can be given appropriately to delay and enhance the physique. H. Diseases after old age: Tumors, eye diseases, cardiopulmonary diseases, oral diseases, reproductive system diseases (female dogs are prone to pyometra and ovarian cyst diseases, male dogs are prone to prostatitis and testicular cancer, etc.), lithiasis, joint diseases, hormone disorders and metabolic diseases, etc. If you have any symptoms, please consult your veterinarian. I. Pet euthanasia: If the aging disease has made pet unable to live comfortably, you and your family members should consider making the most difficult choice under the advice of the veterinarian in order not to make pet suffer from the pain. When we have tried our best to save our lives, we can choose to let pet leave quietly.

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